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Please understand right up front we are here to help you find your parts!  We've worked hard to become a premier parts supplier on the net and we hear everyday from dozens of people just like you how much they appreciate our site.  Many of our customers bookmark us and visit time and time again.  We are more than a computer page, there are experienced people behind the pages you will be visiting soon.  We are not just a parts distribution center; we actually know about what we sell, stock 1,000’s of parts, and have decades of experience in servicing equipment.  We haven't gotten to be number 1 on many Google pages because we don't take care of our customers.  Hundreds of parts are ordered every day, and this site was specifically designed from feedback.  We've been selling machine parts on the web since 1995, stop by, and let us know how we are doing, we love feedback.

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In order to read manuals you will need the MOST CURRENT version of Adobe's PDF viewer.  Some manuals will ONLY open in recent versions.  If your PDF does not open, please update the viewer located at the Adobe home page.

A quick note about searching using the search boxes:
Our search boxes search specific areas only depending on the search being performed.  IE an Advance search searches only Advance parts and manuals.  Search boxes that specifically say "Enter part number" search only parts for that manufacturer. The search in the upper left is a GLOBAL search and searches everything in the databases, over 500,000 items and descriptions including non-part items.  Those searches take more time.  Search boxes that specifically search a manufacturer's database only are much faster.  If the result retrieves many choices, use the drop down boxes to narrow the search.  These typically will narrow to parts sections, manuals, manufacturers, etc.  Try different variations for search not yielding the results you are looking for.  Try removing the last few characters of a search word (IE a model# might be M23005-03, drop the -03).  Try searching for manuals using a trade model name like "Convertamatic 20B"  Searching for keywords like "Motor", "Belts", or "Motor for KA200E" will not yield good results.


Please select the Option that makes the most sense for what you need:

I need the manual first please? How do I find it?
There are several ways to locate a manual.  If you have the model number, a good way is to use the search box in the upper left under our logo, try variations please.  We key the model number EXACTLY like the manufacturer shows it on the manual, dashes, spaces, and dots.  Try shorting the model number leaving the last few characters off, especially if it is something like MC3200-02.  If you know a trade name (like Convertamatic 20B) try searching on that, again try variations.  Please check the serial numbers of multiple manuals.

Another way to locate manuals is to walk the manual tree (click here to go there).  Start by selecting the manufacturer, then the type of machine, and in quick order, manuals will be shown typically with a photo of the machine.  Please check serial number ranges for the manuals.

When you select a machine via a search or walking the tree, the manual can be instantly downloaded by clicking the following icon, if service manuals or owner's manuals are available they will also be listed.

You will also be presented with a listing of parts installed on the machine and information about ordering.  If we have a photo of the part, it will be there also.  You can click in any photo for a larger image of the photo.


I Know my part numbers, how to I locate pricing?

Use the search box in the upper left under our logo, be as complete as possible.  Parts for older machines may be found faster be locating the manual and viewing the known parts listing for the manual since part number changes are also processed there.  If a part has been flagged as discontinued, replace by another, or obsolete, we'll show that information if possible once you've located the part via the search.  In some cases there will be a red box that you can click on to immediately jump to the replacement part.

To order a part, supply the order quantity and click "Add to Cart".  The quantity of parts on your order will show in the upper right.

To jump to another part, use the search box under the part.  This search box limits the search to part for the same manufacturer.  If you want to search for parts from a different  manufacturer, search using the search box in the upper left under our logo.

How do I order parts, I've got all the parts I want in my cart?

To complete your order and checkout, please click on the shopping basket in the upper right of the screen.  You will be shown all the items in your basket.  If you have a registered account, provide the email account and password.  If you have not ordered from us before, please follow the process to register.  We strongly encourage you to create an account to make purchasing on the next order quick and simple.  The only difference between a registered and non-registered account is a password.  Without a registered account you cannot login to check on the status of your order.

I found the machine's manual, but no parts are listed with it.  Are parts still available?
Maybe.  Older machines only get the detailed parts listing if we get numerous requests.  Try using the search function to locate the parts.  They might be available, just not broken out on the machine's page.  Review the machine's manufacture page for part searches, that page typically has important information about searches for the specific manufacturer.

I can't find the manual I need?
Please give us a call or email.  Please include the make, model, serial number and we will see if we can provide the manual.  We do not cover all makes and models.  We also do not put on-line older manual detailed parts information.  You can order parts for machines not listed by calling customer support, or key in the part number into the search box.  We suggest calling, many of the older part numbers require special prefixes to find them, and it is complicated to list all that information here.

We are glad you choose Michco and as your parts source.  If you experience any issues with our site, please let us know immediately via the contacts page where you can send email or call us.