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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ's

Why do you make me have an account to get pricing?  -- Manufacturer contracts and rules require it; we’d prefer not to have it.  Many of the commercial manufacturers require dealers not to display discounted pricing on the web unless a business relationship exists.  In order to have a business relationship we at minimum need to know who you are in order to comply with agreements.  Accounts failing to authenticate will be deleted.

I can’t figure out which part I need?  -- We pride ourselves as the fastest growing parts site on the net.  How did we get there?  Simple, by taking care of customers personally.  Just call us at 517-484-9312, well be glad to help.

I can’t figure out which product I need?  -- We understand, we have many products and methods to choose from.  Call us at 517-484-9312 or email us and we’ll be glad to help.

Can I order parts From You?  -- Of course, at last count we have over 400,000 parts on line that you can order from all the major manufacturers, like Kent, Minuteman, Advance Equipment, Nobles, Castex, Tennant, Pacific Steamex, ProTeam, Eagle Power, Betco, just to name a few.   You can order them directly on line via the secured VISA approved software, or call us directly at 517-484-9312 in the US only.

The website showed a different price or the part was available, what gives?  -- We really are stuck in the middle between manufacturers that are computer slow, and the speed of pricing changes.  Many manufacturers reserve the right to change pricing or discontinue a part at any time.  Since we only receive limited number of full updates a year, often there is a lag between price changes issued at the manufacturer and purchasing the part for your order.  If the price has changed more than a small amount, we will place your order on hold and wait for direction from you about the change in pricing.  Sometimes we show a part as available and the manufacturer discontinues a part when stock runs out and are notified at when we place the order for your part.

How many parts do you actually stock?  -- As a dealer we track every part sold, when we see a specific part moving multiple times, we stock it.  We have thousands of parts available.  But let’s be realistic with over 250,000 parts available, you’ll need one that we don’t have in stock, so we order from most manufacturers every day.

I got the wrong part, now what?  -- We require you to provide the correct part numbers and quantities.  There is no way for us to know EXACTLY what part you want and as such please be accurate about what you are ordering.  Some parts have pictures available.  Why do we require you to look up the parts?  Simple.  Only you know what you want.  Some parts are assemblies, others are not, when it seems they should be.  We often get responses, “hey you didn’t send everything” and in fact the customer assumed the part came with those extra parts.  We cannot be responsible for not ordering all of the necessary parts.  Please see our return policy for detailed information.  In general parts are not returnable.  If the item was determined to be incorrect on our website as the wrong part number, or the manufacturer shipped the wrong part we’ll take care of it as best we can.  Please understand in this case you may be billed again for the part, and will be credited when the incorrect part returns properly.

I need just one $10 part, why the service fees and freight charges?  -- If you are asking this question, we’d please ask you to think about the costs involved in that $10 part.  If you do the math correctly, you will quickly learn that our service fees and freight bills don’t cover the costs in the order, but we have made it as affordable to get that one part as possible.  Please remember that most manufacturers won’t even accept small orders, or they place significant fees to do so.

How fast can I get a part?  -- As fast as you are willing to pay.  All manufacturers offer next day services provided the order is processed to them by specific deadlines.  All NDA orders are handled manually to insure the accuracy of information and availability.  NOTE:  Freight amounts quoted are ESTIMATES ONLY and you will be billed corrective amounts after the initial freight billings.  Why?  When we place an order and specify next day air, the manufacturers can send the order from multiple warehouses; after all, you are in a rush.  This makes multiple shipments with separate freight billings.  You will be billed for these separate billings at NDA rates for EACH package.  We cannot specify single package shipping, and we never know until AFTER the order ships.  Prices quoted on this website are for freight ground shipments only.  Manufacturer minimum orders apply; orders not meeting the manufacturer terms will be accessed their additional fees.  If we have all the parts available in stock, the order leaves within 28 hours.  If we need to order parts, we are dependent on the manufacturer to ship.

Can I use my UPS/Fedex account for freight billings?  -- No, we ship to many packages from warehouses all over the US to possibly be able to deal with that.

I’m a dealer; will you put my paperwork with the order and hide yours?  -- Yes.  You will be required to provide all of the proper DOT shipping information and paperwork.  Forms not meeting US DOT regulations will not be accepted and your order will not be shipped until the paperwork is approved.  There is a fee for this service and the order must be called in to customer service.

Can I send my own freight company to pick up the order?  -- Sure but only on some types of orders, please call customer service to make arrangements.  Handling fee applies, and you are responsible for making all arrangements with the freight line.  This can only be done at our main location, satellite warehouses or direct pickups at the manufacturer at not possible.

Do you accept COD orders?  -- No, all orders must be prepaid.  In the case of parts, parts will not be ordered until payment has been made in advance of shipping.

Are you a dealer for all the manufacturers you show? -- No, to locate the machines we sell, please visit the Manufacturer’s section, and click on the logo of the manufacturer.  If we sell the machine it will be listed under “Equipment & Accessories” section.  OR visit the category “Cleaning Machines”.

Do you carry aftermarket parts?  -- All parts are original OEM or purchased from the OEM manufacturing source unless specifically designated as such.  We do not sub aftermarket parts as an original part as some of our competitors do.  If they are way less than us, it isn't an OEM part, buyer be aware.

I don't see the manual I need?  -- Well there are 1000's of manuals out there and they get changed from time to time, we might have the manual available off line, or it just hasn't made it on line yet.  Let us know which manual you are looking for.

My machine is covered under a manufacturer's warranty, do you provide warranty service?  -- We do for the following manufacturers: Advance Commercial, Clarke, Viper, US Products, Minuteman, ProTeam, Betco, and Eagle Power.  You will be asked to provide proof of warranty, and be responsible for all charges not covered under warranty including freight both ways if the defective part requires returning.  Please note that manufacturers cover manufacturing defects, not abuse or misuse, and we do not determine what is covered or not covered under warranties.  Should you have a question, please refer to the manufacturer directly.  If the part is required to be returned, you will be charged for the part, + freight if applicable, and credited the part only when it is returned.  You MUST obtain an RMA before sending the part back.

Do you carry filters, bags, belts etc?  -- Yes we have both the OEM and aftermarket items in this area.

Can I purchase new machines from you?  -- We carry new machines for several manufacturers, like Advance, Clarke, Viper, Minuteman, Kent Euroclean, Pacific Steamex, ProTeam, Betco, and Eagle Power.  Contact us for pricing details.

Do you buy old machines?  -- Sometimes, but they must be in serviceable condition, parts must be available, and a machine that can be resold.  We never purchase upright vacuums, sorry.

I’m a dealer of Brand X what’s my discount for parts?  -- Unless you are purchasing large volumes of parts over time, or a large order of parts with at least $5,000 or more, we do not offer discounts to other dealers.  Please note: we honor our commitments to our manufacturers and will require approval prior to any discounting.

How about national chain pricing for parts?  -- We honor all approved national pricing schedules with manufacturer provided contract identification and numbers.

Do you sell used machines?  -- Yes we do, they must meet the conditions above, we service them, and they all carry a 6 months parts and labor warranty (on site service not included).  To inquire about a used machine purchase, please contact us and let us know what you are looking for.  We might have it available, and if so can provide pictures, if not we can get you on a shopping list.

Do you sell factory demo machines?  -- Yes we do, they are available from time to time from various manufacturers.  To get the list of units please email us.  Please be sure to note what manufacturer you are looking for.  Note, if we are not a dealer, we will not have demo units available.  Demo units typically have cosmetic defects, basic and or modified factory warranties.  We never sell a demo unit as a new full factory machine like other dealers typically do.

Will you put the parts on for me?  -- Maybe, you have the following options: send the machine to us for service, we can pick up some machines in the greater mid-Michigan area (fee applies), or of you are in a real bind we offer onsite service.  In the greater Michigan area our service vans can drive to your location (please call for current pricing), and we also offer our Sonic Service where we load parts and tools into a private plane and fly to you for the repair.  To inquire about any of these services please contact our offices directly.

Why don't you ship overseas?  -- That's easy --- fraud.  Don't ask, we will not ship to overseas, and will ONLY ship to the address on the charge card.  The ONLY exception to this is shipping to US military bases overseas using the USPO services (the President of the company is ex-Navy, and would always help out the Services).   We do ship to Canada at this time.  If you are foreign to the US, please use your local dealer network for parts purchases.

I see FloorMachineParts.Com and Michco Inc., what's up with this?  -- Someone has to pay the bills, that's the parent company, and you'll see all billing information reference Michigan Company Inc.

Do you sell chemicals for scrubbers?  -- You bet, just ask or check out the other areas of this site.  We are a full service commercial dealer for many popular name brands.

Your 800 number doesn’t work for me?  -- You are dialing our US DOMESTIC 800 number from outside the United States.  You will have to reach us by email, or 517-484-9312 M-F 8:00am to 5:00 PM EST.

My email is bounced as not deliverable or rejected?  -- We are sorry about that, certain non US countries are prohibited from making connection to our email servers to prevent spam.  Your IP address is from one of those countries that pumps spam in spades to our servers and has been dynamically prohibited thus freeing processor time for real emails, we are sorry for the inconvenience, please use the phone.