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Wood Gym Finish Re-coating

Water based gym floor coatings have been around for a number of years.  However, it hasn't been until recently that durability equal to oil modified urethane and easy application has won out over the older products.  Gone are the days of closing the gym for two weeks, sanding dust everywhere, smelling the floor drying for weeks on end, and working in the hottest part of the summer because you could only close the gym then.

Today's single part water based finish, Ballistic Glass, from Mighty Mac is easy to apply, no sanding, or chemical bonding agent required.  Start to finish, the gym can be completed in about 6 hours with a three person crew.  The best part is you can even re-do the gym coating while school is in session because the VOC levels are so low it is hardly noticeable.  And you can play on the floor in 24 hours, so coating right before basketball, or volleyball season is a snap.  You can even apply a quick coat before graduation ceremonies for a great looking floor.

Take a moment to watch this video to learn all about Mighty Mac Ballistic Glass Finish

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