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What type of scrubber brush fiber do I order?

We get asked this question almost everyday, " I have a painted/epoxy coated floor, what brush can I use that won't dull or damage the coating?"

The short answer is you are limited to Nylon or Polypropylene fiber brushes WITHOUT GRIT.

We have several brushes that are nylon fibers containing various carbide grits, like sand paper grits.  These materials are great for bare floors with heavy soils where you want an extra punch.  These brushes will leave "doughnut holes" on the floor if the brush rotates in one spot for very long and damage the floor coating.  On bare concrete it isn't really an issue, they tend to fade away. 

If you are able to or want to run grit brushes, they will increase the cleaning effectiveness quite a bit.  They tend to wear longer and clean more consistently over the life of the brush.  They are however expensive; typically about 2-3 times the cost of a nylon brush.  They are available from many manufacturers and typically have the word "grit" in the description.

I would suggest reading the blog about brushes vs. pads for more information on cleaning choices.

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