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Why is Water a Terrible Cleaner & Some pH Neutral Cleaners Are Just as Bad?

We hear all the time from people statements like "I just use water in my scrubber" or "I mix my own chemicals to make my floor cleaner".  (You should never mix chemicals to make a cleaner, neither of us are chemists and if someone gets hurt and are asked for the SDS what do you give the medical people?)  But water alone and some pH neutral cleaners are not getting the job done.  Surface tension created by the physical properties of  water is a powerful force.  You see this when a spider walks across water, or beads up on your nicely waxed car.  Water tension caused by the physical structure of H2O prevents water from contacting the soils we want to remove from floors, walls, and other surfaces.  Some pH neutral cleaners are constructed from almost nothing more that dye, fragrance, and might contain a touch of something to attempt to suspend soil.  Most of these cleaners rely/depend on physical action to suspend the soils just long enough to get them into a bucket or the recovery tank. 

We all know about a mop with a bucket and wringer.  These cleaning tools have been around for a long time.  But without a good cleaner, what you REALLY do is evenly spread a layer of soil on the floor.  A good cleaner will HOLD the soil as you attempt to pickup more.

But that doesn't really SOLVE the problem of cleaning soil, water alone and these cheep cleaners leave soil behind, and when the surface is really dirty or challenged, by things like winter ice melt salts, they fail miserably. A well constructed cleaner breaks the surface tension of water (like a rinse agent for a dish washing machine) and suspends the soil long after the physical action of cleaning, this way you don't redeposit the soil on the floor as you clean.  But even if you use an auto-scrubber, you still need a quality product to break the tension of water, AND suspend the soil before pickup.

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