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We are sorry that you may be having difficulty searching.  We understand it is frustrating so we've put this page together based on difficulties we see from users and have made suggestions on how to improve results.

First we want you to know that WE ARE HERE TO HELP.  Don't be frustrated, give us a call at 800-331-3339 if you can't locate what you are looking for.

Search tips:

Our system works on KEYWORDS not natural phases:
Phrases like "Manual for Tennant 5300T Floor scrubber" will not result in anything being returned.
    "Tennant 5300T" will result in everything we have on file for that machine.
    "Tennant 5300T manual" will result in only manuals for the Tennant 5300T.

    "Charger for Minuteman 170" will not result in anything returned.
    "Charger 170 Minuteman" will return the charger for a Minuteman 170

Use strong keywords:
    "Battery"  Will produce every battery we have.  Everything from fork lift to watch batteries.
    "Batteries" Will not return results for "Battery".
    "Motor" will produce  5400+ results.
    Parts are known by their Manufacturer assigned part number -
              not the printing on the part from the actual part.
    Case doesn't matter - "BATTERY" is the same at "battery" is the same as "BaTtErY".

Use the Refine Search Sections:
    After a search returns a large number of results, use the Manufacturer, Category, and Department drop down
    options to refine a results window.
    This tip can really make a difference.

All Manuals have "Manual" as part of their name:
    If you are searching for a manual for a particular machine, make sure "manual" is part of the search.
    "Manual Minuteman 200X" Will produce manuals only.
    Leaving "Manual" out of the search will also find all items specifically made for the machine where the
         description of the part has the machine model name in it.

Keep the keyword search list short:
    Put enough keywords in to identify the item you want, but nothing more. 
    Leave non keywords out like: "for, to, connect" etc.

Make sure you are spelling your keywords correctly:

    We see mis-spellings in searches, and incorrect keywords that frustrate users.
    "Tennant" is the correct spelling.
    "Nilfisk" is the correct spelling.
    "Minuteman" is the correct spelling.

Incorrect key words, try leaving letters off model numbers:
    "T5300" is incorrect, the correct keyword is "5300T", or better yet "Tennant 5300".
    Use accurate trade names "AquaClean Classic" or "Aqua Classic", not "Aqua Clean Classic"
    Use Model Numbers as printed on the machine's tag.
    Do not use serial numbers to search.
    Try using the manufacturer's exact spelling and spacing of keywords
         "Pro10" and "Pro 10" yield different results

Don't connect keywords:
    "Tennant-5300T"  will not product results - Use "Tennant 5300T"

Other tips:
Advance part numbers may need "56" added to them if they are older numbers.  All domestic Advance machines have 56 starting their part numbers.

Old Castex part numbers have all been changed to new Tennant part number, please call for assistance.

Use the category listing to drill the tree of manuals.  With 2,000+ manuals spanning 30+ years of machines, we rarely don't have a manual.  Start here, then select the manufacturer, type of machine, etc....

We only have manuals for those brands we identify on out site.  If you are looking for Windsor, or NSS, please call, we'll help you or direct you to a source.