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How to Remove Oil & Grease Stains From Concrete

In order to remove oil & grease from concrete, wood, brick, and other porous surfaces you need to understand what is actually happening in the material.  Oil and grease fill the porous spaces between the material and for the lack of a better example act like a sponge.  Degreasers clean the surface of the material, and don't get into the microscopic areas in the material.  I typical response from a customers is, "I cleaned the floor with a degreaser and about a week later the stain came back!"  That is because the surface was cleaned and the oil or grease is moving into the cleaned areas in a wicking action.  If you clean the stain again, the stain will come back, but not as strong.  Each cleaning pass will remove more and more of the oil & grease from the surface.  This process can take a long time to complete.

New products on the market attack the stain with powerful solvent degreasers and combine a bleaching function to dig the stain out from the material.  This new technology works by pouring a thick specialty degreaser onto the surface covering the stained area and allowing to dry to a powder.  This can be repeated if necessary.

This degreaser can be used on all surfaces which can accept solvent based degreasers.  Follow all manufacturer's directions.

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