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Mastic, Paint, Carpet Glue Removal & Concrete Surface Preparation

Many clients are looking for a simple and effective way to remove mastic (tile glue), or resurface concrete in preparation for a new coating.  This can be on industrial floors, warehouse floors, basement floors, and garage floors. Floors stained with oil spots can be repaired with our concrete stain removal product before or after the tool's use.

This tool is attached to a single disc rotary machine, or an auto scrubber for larger areas.  Our system's design greatly reduces the problem with many surface prep tools when traversing cracks and uneven floors.  The spring action of the diamond coated blades glides between the uneven surfaces on a floor.  Other units bind on these transitions and often cause the transmission motor coupler to sheer causing a maintenance issue.  Replacement blades are available in sets of 5, 8, and 10.

When removing soft glues like carpet adhesive, add some pool sand to the floor while running the tool.  The tool will scrape the glue and mix in the sand.  The mixture creates balls of glue and sand that doesn't gum up the tool and actually will get the glue from the floor.

Visit our selection of Mastic Removal Drivers Use the refinements along the left edge to select the diameter of the brush you need.  NOTE: Always order the driver 2" smaller than your machine size when ordering for a 175 RPM single disc ROTARY SWING machine.  Further use the refinements to select the clutch plate if necessary.  DRIVERS DO NOT COME WITH RISERS INCLUDED.  Most single disc machines require a CCW rotation, make sure you order the correct rotation direction as view from behind the handle looking down at the machine.

Please watch this video to have a better understanding of this tool: