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How to Remove Ice Melter White Hazy Film From Floors

During the winter months, we field a large number of calls asking for a solution to the white haze left on floors after cleaning with mops or auto scrubbers.  This problem is created from salt residues tracked in during winter months and cleaners not built to deal with salts or chloride melting agents.  Most floor cleaners do not have the additional chemicals necessary to properly deal with ice melters.  As such, they quickly get over powered, and when the floor dries, the entire floor is coated with a white haze and streaks.

This problem is easy to fix with the proper cleaning agent.  We formulated Mighty Mac Blue Thunder specifically to eliminate this problem during winter months.  This is not an additive to your cleaner, but a standalone cleaner specifically designed to attack the corrosive effects of salts, neutralize them, and remove the residue.  This product can be used ANYWHERE salts are a problem, even cleaning trucks, and snow plows.  Use on VCT floors, stone, marble, etc.  You can even use this in carpet extractors to remove residue out of carpets and matting.  Mix concentrate depending on the level of salts on your floor: 1/2 oz/ gallon of water for light cleaning to 2 oz per gallon to attack piles of salt crystals.  Start with a light mixture and mix more as needed until desired results are achieved.  This product also has a very popular fragrance.

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