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How to Properly Strip and Refinish a Tile (VCT) Floor?

This is a topic almost as old as floor finish has been available.  Ask 20 people how to strip and refinish a floor and you will have a national debate started.  There are many ways, however, many of the methods used are based on the "old way of doing it", when something works why change.  Watch this video to learn modern stripping techniques using the old standby tools and some new ones too.  Whether you are a 30 year veteran of doing floors or just starting out, this video has a wealth of information done by our team of over 50 years of stripping all kinds of tile floors.

Learn when to tell if the floor is properly stripped, how to avoid a rinsing step, do you use hot or cold water, how many coats to apply, how to properly do a second stripping pass, can i mix the stripper super strong, what tools work best for application of finish, what the best finish application mop is, what is chemical free stripping, why water is a terrible floor cleaner, what chemicals to use for floor cleaning, and many more tips.

Please watch this video to have a better understanding of floor finish stripping and refinishing process: