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Grouted Floor Cleaning Made Easy

We get asked a lot these days about cleaning grouted floors and simulated wood grain flooring.  These floors are installed everywhere yet cleaning them is a real challenge.  The issue with cleaning these floors is most cleaning equipment rotates and drags a fiber from one ridge of the grout to the other without actually touching the grout.  The same issue occurs with simulated wood grain flooring.

The solution is using orbital type cleaning machines, a Ruf-Tuff pad, and the correct chemical.  For grout, use Mighty Mac Re-Do Grout Cleaner, and for other surfaces, use Mighty Mac Bright & Clean Neutral Cleaner.

Take a moment and watch this video we've prepared that shows these elements put together for an amazing cleaning result on a grouted tile floor at a major hotel.  This hotel opened about 14 months and was struggling with cleaning grout.  Other machines had been in their facility to clean this floor, but only our combination actually cleaned the floor in one pass.

The items shown in this video can be located at these links:
Square Scrub -- Doodle Scrub Portable Hand Orbital Machine
Square Scrub -- EBG-20C Orbital Machine
Clarke -- FM40 ST Orbital Machine
Ruf-Tuff 14x20" Grass pad
Mighty Mac Re-Do Tile Cleaner
Mighty Mac Bright & Clean Floor Cleaner

Please contact us for any questions you might have regarding this process.