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What's the Correct Brush/Pad Driver Size for My Machine?

If there is one frustrating thing our cleaning industry never seems to understand from the perspective of the end user is brush size for rotary swing machines.  You would think that a 20" machine would need a 20" brush or pad driver, but you'd be wrong.  There is no consistency between various manufacturers.

Here is what you need to know.

A rotary swing machine (typically 175 RPM) needs a BRUSH size 2" smaller than the machine's actual size.  A 20" machine uses an 18" diameter brush.  A 17" machine uses a 15" diameter brush, etc.  These measurements are across the top of the brush's deck surface where the clutch plate is, not the bottom bristle side and do not include any bristle flaring.  These sized brushes will fit nicely under the bell housing and will not reach out during operation and touch wall edges.

A pad driver on the other hand uses 1" less than the machine's diameter.  A 20" uses a 19" pad driver, but actually uses 20" pads.

Some machine companies offer a 20" brush for their 20" machine, but in actuality the brush is 18" diameter.  They are attempting to lower confusion.

We use the OEM's specifications/descriptions for all OEM brushes.  For aftermarket offerings, we use the machine's actual brush width needs as measured across the brush deck of 2" less for brushes, and 1" less for pad drivers.  This is why you will see 18" brushes listed for a 20" machine on our aftermarket offerings.