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Mighty Mac Brand Floor Pads now with Americo Full Cycle technology.
Mighty Mac is excited to announce a change in our floor pads.  Starting Summer of 2014, we will be introducing Americo's Full Cycle Floor pads into our line.  Look for the Full Cycle logo on every case with this exciting enhancement.

What is Full Cycle?  Mighty Mac Floor pads have been manufactured from 100% recycled fibers for over 10 years.  Thousands of water bottles have been turned into floor pads of all types saving space in our landfills.  Now Mighty Mac floor pads are completing the cycle by introducing and innovative floor pad technology that has been specially formulated to biodegrade in a fraction of the time once discarded into a landfill when compared against conventional pads.  When you see the Full Cycle logo on our Mighty Mac pads you'll know you are helping the environment.   This is a roiling product change and you'll start seeing the specially marked cases of pads starting summer 2014.

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