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Bracket - Wheel 4/6 Gal

Bracket - Wheel 4/6 Gal

Manufacturer Part Number: 900055PTD
SKU: 00383537EA
Regular Price: $165.13
On Sale For: $159.35
Regular Price: $165.13
On Sale For: $159.35
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This part used on at least the following Models:

Trade/Model NameModel #'sLink To Manual
X-1700-4 Air Operated VacuumX-1700-4, X-1700-6Details & Manual
705 Series Air Operated 4 GallonC70504-01, C70504-02, C70506-01, C70506-02Details & Manual
X829 Asbestos Series 4 GallonC82904-01, C82904-02, C82906-01, C82906-02Details & Manual
Critical Filter Vacuum X-1000C80106 (X-1000-6), C80104 (X-1000-4)Details & Manual
CRV Clean Room Digital Switching StC80704-05 SS, C80704-06 PTDetails & Manual
CRV Clean Room VacuumC80704-01 SS, C80704-02 SS, C80704-03 Painted, C80704-04 Painted, C80704-07 Painted, C80704-12 Painted, C80704-08 SS, C80704-09 SSDetails & Manual
390 Series 4 and 6 GallonC39485-01, C39485-03, C39485-11, C39485-13, C39486-01, C39486-03Details & Manual
CRV Clean Room VacuumAC807-04
Used as a Replacement for:900055MCH

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