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Insulator (ELECTRICAL)- 1/4-20 Insert

Insulator (ELECTRICAL)- 1/4-20 Insert

Manufacturer Part Number: 740132
SKU: 00374452EA
Regular Price: $7.06
On Sale For: $6.80
Regular Price: $7.06
On Sale For: $6.80
Mfg Part No: 740132

Manufactured by: Manufacturer's Logo

This part used on at least the following Models:

Trade/Model NameModel #'sLink To Manual
320 Floor Scrubber Traction DriveMC32036QPDetails & Manual
170 Automatic Flr Scrubber, BatteryMC17000QP, MC17000-00CEDetails & Manual
240X Floor Scrubber BatteryMC240024QP, MC240024CEDetails & Manual
200X Traction Drive Deluxe BatteryMC20001QP, MC20001CE, MC20002QP, MC20002CEDetails & Manual
200X Brush Drive BatteryMC20000QP, MC20000CEDetails & Manual
200TD Battery Traction Drive 2004MC20025, MC20025CEDetails & Manual
200TD Battery Traction Drive 1998MC20025, MC20025CEDetails & Manual
380 Traction Driven Floor ScrubberMC38036COM, MC38036COMCEDetails & Manual

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