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Retainer Pad Center - Lok

Retainer Pad Center - Lok

Manufacturer Part Number: 56941A
SKU: 00366615EA
Price: $39.30
Price: $39.30
Mfg Part No: 56941A

Manufactured by: Manufacturer's Logo

This part used on at least the following Models:

Trade/Model NameModel #'sLink To Manual
Focus S28 S33 S38Focus S28 WB, Focus L28 WB, Focus S33 WB, Focus L33 WB, Focus S38 WB, Focus L38 WBDetails & Manual
Focus S28 L28 WB05210A, 05210C, 05212B, 05211A, 05211C, 05220A, 05220C, 05222B, 05221A, 05221C, 05230A, 05230C, 05231A, 05231CDetails & Manual
Propane Burnisher Equipment21" Kawasaki FH381V, 21" Kawasaki FH451V, 21" Kawasaki FH500V, 21" Kawasaki FH541V, 24" Kawasaki FH381V, 24" Kawasaki FH451V, 24" Kawasaki FH500V, 24" Kawasaki FH541V, 27" Kawasaki FH381V, 27" Kawasaki FH451V, 27" Kawasaki FH500V, 27" Kawasaki FH541VDetails & Manual
Encore S28XP S33XP S38XP00691A, 00671A, 00651ADetails & Manual
Encore S28-L28 S33-L33 S38-L3800740A, 00720A, 00700A, 00680A, 00660A, 00640ADetails & Manual
Encore S28-L28 S33-L33 S38-L38Encore S28, Encore L28, Encore S33, Encore L33, Encore S38, Encore L38Details & Manual
Focus C28 C33 24V ScrubberFocus C28 24V, Focus C33 24VDetails & Manual
Vision 38I-32I-IX-26I-IX00320A, 00300A, 00260A, 00280A, 00490ADetails & Manual
Vision 21i VisionV00590A, 00610ADetails & Manual
Encore2 S28-D28 S33-D33 S38-D38Encore S38, Encore S33, Encore S28, Encore D38, Encore D33, Encore D28Details & Manual
Encore R Rider Scrubber505-945CE, 505-946CEDetails & Manual
SR5730 Scrubber505-945, 505-946, 505-959Details & Manual
Propane Floor Burnisher21KBCATCLDC, 27KBCATCLDCDetails & Manual
Diamatic Concrete PolisherMPS-1721, MPS-1727Details & Manual
Used as a Replacement for:98602A
Used as a Replacement for:98603A

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