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Caster, 3 1/2

Caster, 3 1/2" Pick Up Wheel

Manufacturer Part Number: 172167
SKU: 00077191EA
Price: $29.93
Price: $29.93
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This part used on at least the following Models:

Trade/Model NameModel #'sLink To Manual
E17-E20 Brush Drive Floor ScrubberE17, E20Details & Manual
E20 Scrubber Traction Drive Cyl.E20Details & Manual
E17-E20 Disc Brush Drive ScrubberE17BDQPCE, E17BDQPGCE, E17BDCE, E20BDCE, E20BDQPCE, E20BDQPGCEDetails & Manual
E20BDZ Floor ScrubberE20BDZDetails & Manual
E20 Sport Disc Floor ScrubberE20S, E20SQP, E20SQPGDetails & Manual
E26 ECO Floor ScrubberE26ECOQPDetails & Manual
H20 Disc Brush Drive ScrubberH20BD, H20BDCE, H20BDQP, H20BDQPGDetails & Manual
Used as a Replacement for:200345
200X Traction Drive Deluxe BatteryMC20001QP, MC20001CE, MC20002QP, MC20002CEDetails & Manual
200X Brush Drive BatteryMC20000QP, MC20000CEDetails & Manual
Lumina 20 Traction Drive Batt Burn.M26036TDDetails & Manual
Lumina 20 Battery BurnisherM26036QP, M26036CEDetails & Manual
200X Brush Drive Flr Scrubber Batt.MC20000QP, MC20000CEDetails & Manual
Lumina 28 Traction Drive Batt. BurnM28036TDQPDetails & Manual
200X Traction Drive Deluxe Batt ScrMC20001QP, MC20001CE, MC20002QP, MC20002CEDetails & Manual
200X Brush Drive Electric ScrubberMC20003QP, MC20004CEDetails & Manual

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