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Scrubber & Cleaning Equipment Batteries

This section contains a complete listing of all batteries used on cleaning equipment.  This section does not contain batteries used in industrial cleaning equipment like street sweepers.

To pick out the proper size battery, select the voltage first.  Then measure the old battery or battery compartment, do not include the battery post or connector in your measurements.  All scrubber batteries have terminals on the top of the battery, if yours are on the size your machine is not using standard batteries.  Select a battery that measures no larger than the original battery in size.   Then select the Amp Hour rating you desire. 

IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED TO REPLACE ALL BATTERIES IN THE PACK AT THE SAME TIME.  replacing a single battery or a few batteries will cause the new batteries to fight one another until the new batteries are as aged as the existing batteries.

For more details about basic battery information visit the Battery Basics Help page.