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Acid Toilet Bowl & Urinal Cleaners

These ready to use acid based cleaners are powerful for everyday cleaning to remove the buildup of uric salts and other issues inside toilet bowls and urinals.  Multiple acid types for adjusting the power needed.  Acid power is in the following order:  20% phosphoric acid, 9% HCL, 23% HCL, 24% HCL.  If you have good quality water with minimal rust and minerals we recommend the 9% versions.  For areas with high iron and heavy buildups of minerals - use the 23% and 24% versions.  Do not dilute with water before use.  Do not allow these products to come in contact with skin, metal, or clothes.  For best results, use swab to push water out of bowl and apply full strength chemical and allow to act on the bowl for several minutes before rinsing. The high powered acid cleaners may react with minerals and cause vapors, use in ventilated areas only.  DO NOT ALLOW ANY ACCESS TO CHILDREN, these are industrial commercial cleaning chemicals not available in these strengths from retail stores.

Big D Blue Bowl Cleaner And Dye 12 Per Case  #646
Brand: Unknown
Mfg Part#: 646
SKU: 00191150
Sale $25.21
Mighty Mac Spitfire 9% Bowl Cleaner Quart
Brand: Michco Inc.
Mfg Part#: 190915
SKU: 00190915
Mighty Mac GRIP 9% HCl Toilet Bowl Cleaner Quarts
Brand: Mighty Mac Products
Mfg Part#: 00190912
SKU: 00190912
Sale $6.46
Mighty Mac Lightning Fast 23% HCL Bowl Cleaner 12 Qt/Cs
Brand: Mighty Mac Products
Mfg Part#: 00190810
SKU: 00190810
Sale $4.35
Mighty Mac Porcelain Tile Cleaner Quarts
Brand: Mighty Mac Products
Mfg Part#: 00190765
SKU: 00190765
Betco Kling Thick 9%TB Cleaner Quart 075
Brand: Toilet Bowl Cleaners
Mfg Part#: 075 Q12
SKU: 00190910
Pull 23% HCL Acid Toilet Bowl Cleaner Quarts 07112
Brand: Toilet Bowl Cleaners
Mfg Part#: 07112
SKU: 00190800
Stix 20% Phos Thick Bowl 12 qt 07612
Brand: Bathroom Cleaners
Mfg Part#: 07612
SKU: 00190755
Brand: Stainless Steel Cleaners
Mfg Part#: CLO00031
SKU: 00006829
Sale $43.55
Brand: Stainless Steel Cleaners
Mfg Part#: MCO34764
SKU: 00018870
Sale $96.65
Brand: Unassigned Set 1484
Mfg Part#: REC75055
SKU: 00019088
Sale $47.53
Brand: Reckitt Benckiser
Mfg Part#: REC02212
SKU: 00011813
Sale $78.00