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Lever - Switch Right

Lever - Switch Right

Manufacturer Part Number: 505120
SKU: 00016190EA
Price: $28.40
Price: $28.40
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This part used on at least the following Models:

Trade/Model NameModel #'sLink To Manual
Polishers SilverRay 133SilverRay 133, SilverRay 170, SilverRay 175, SilverRay 200, SilverRay 205Details & Manual
Polishers Dual Speed SeaRay 175DSSeaRay 175DS, SeaRay 205DSDetails & Manual
Polishers PX-170PX-170, PX-175, PX-200, SeaRay 175, SeaRay 200, SeaRay 205Details & Manual
Heavy Duty Polisher SeaRay 175HDSeaRay 175HDDetails & Manual
Fury 1500P BurnisherFury 1500PDetails & Manual
UHS Burnishers 1500 DCP1500 DCPDetails & Manual
UHS Burnishers Model 1040AC1040AC, 1280AC, 1500AC, 1500DC, 1500DCP, 2000DC, 2000P, 800-1500DCPDetails & Manual
2 Jet Wand219804Details & Manual
6 Jet WandF613WDetails & Manual
Pro and Super Series Box ExtractorsPro 7R, Pro 10R, Pro 15R, Super 7R, Super 10RDetails & Manual
Cassidy UHS BurnishersCX-1500, CX-2000Details & Manual
PolishersPCP-13, PCP-15, PCP-17, PCP-20, PHS-17AC, PHS-19AC, PHS-20DC, 15P, 17P, 19P, 21, 23, 17HSP, 19HSPDetails & Manual

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