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Replacement Part Tube, Main Handle

Manufacturer Part Number: E83711
SKU: 00036364EA
Price: $0.00
Price: $0.00
Mfg Part No: E83711

Manufactured by: Manufacturer's Logo

This item has been replaced by item-> E89954

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Replacement Item

This part used on at least the following Models:

Trade/Model NameModel #'sLink To Manual
20 inch High Speed BurnishersCrewman 1600, Crewman 2000, Foreman 1600, Foreman 2000Details & Manual
17 inch and 20 inch Floor MachinesForeman 17DS, Foreman 17HD, Foreman 20DS, Foreman 20HD, Crewman 17HD, Crewman 20HDDetails & Manual
Crewman 1600 2000 20 BurnisherE83015-00, E83016-00Details & Manual
Crewman DC2000 20" BurnisherDC2000Details & Manual
Used as a Replacement for:E083711
Used as a Replacement for:310127-A
Used as a Replacement for:310127A
Nu-1600 Burnisher, Belt DriveNu-1600, Nu-2000Details & Manual
NU-17FLC- ContractorNU-17FLC, NU-20FLC, NU-17FLHD, NU-20FLHD, NU-17FLDS, NU-20FLDSDetails & Manual

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